Help Center

If you have any queries regarding the ontimepayroll, it is best to contact your employer. However, a few common questions and queries are solved here on this page.

Common Questions

Q: When will my paystub be available each pay period?

A: We will make your paystub or other services available on the website exactly on your pay date. However, if there is change in the pay schedule from your employer’s side, the information will be displayed accordingly.

Q: What do I do if I have trouble downloading my paystub?

A: If you have any troubles while downloading your paystub, you can contact the customer support representative for further guidance in this course.

Q: Where can I find help with clocking in and out?

A: Your manager or supervisor can provide guidance for clocking in and out. If you need additional help, contact your employer.

Q: Why isn’t Ontimepayroll able to talk to me about my personal information?

A: We care about the information safety and security for all our clients and thus, we don’t use personal or financial information unless it is necessary to make everything safe and secure.

Q: I'm having problems signing in, where can I go for help?

A: Check our FAQs page

Q: How do I combine Usernames?

A: Check our FAQs pages.